Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2018

Friday February 23rd is national Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. Co-ordinated with National Energy Action, Coventry Citizens Advice has been happy to support a week of fuel poverty prevention and relief activities across Coventry this week building up to the ‘nation’s biggest housewarming’ on the day itself.

Each supporting agency is organising a public ‘housewarming’ event in their local area on Friday February 23rd. If you want to take advantage of events in your area find out more from http://www.nea.org.uk and be sure to bring your most recent energy bill(s) and any other information about your circumstances you think might be helpful.

Fuel Poverty affects 14% of Coventry households according to the most recent figures with some areas of Coventry suffering levels closer to 30%. Excess winter deaths – the number of people who die because of cold weather – are also up recently compared with a downward trend in the west midlands as a whole.

But there is much that can be done to prevent fuel poverty and make your bills affordable. For tips on how to save money on your bills, or to know more about what the Coventry CA Utilities Team can do to help you, explore the ‘projects’ and ‘campaigns’ sections of this website. Or contact us through our online portal or social media.

For more information on the NEA’s national campaign visit http://www.nea.org.uk .If you want to know more about how Citizens Advice can help you visit their national website at www.citizensadvice.org.uk.

Coventry CA wants you to save money but keep warm. Get the best advice and feel the benefit.