Universal Credit full service roll out

Universal Credit Full Service began a phased roll out in Coventry on July 11th. This has been billed, nationally, as the biggest welfare reform in 60 years. But there have been problems with roll out elsewhere and there are likely to be problems with roll out in Coventry.

Universal Credit Full Service (UCFS) merges six benefits into one: income based JSA, income based ESA, Income Support, working tax credits, child tax credits and housing benefits.

It does not include Council Tax Support. This must be claimed separately, from the city council.

Not everyone of working age is entitled to Universal Credit, there are exemptions, but if you are of working age it is important you find out more about UCFS.

This benefit is not just for the unemployed. It is also for those too sick to work, single parents caring for young children, those in low paid work, adult carers and others. Please check your eligibility and entitlement.

Claiming and managing a claim for UCFS is a fully online process but there is help for those who are not confident online or who are incapable of making a claim themselves.

If you want to know more about UCFS, read our campaign page – The Impact of Welfare Reform.

Be prepared.