NHS Prescription Form – changes have been made

The prescription form (FP10) now contains an option for ‘Universal Credit’.

Since the start of the UC roll-out, any UC customers wishing to claim free prescriptions had to complete the FP10 form by ticking the ‘Income Based Jobseekers Allowance’ option. However, from this week all new FP10 forms ordered by health care providers will include a new ‘Universal Credit’ option, which means that anyone in receipt of UC, who meets the qualifying criteria*, must tick this box when using the new form.

Existing stocks of FP10 forms – without the UC option – will remain in circulation for a limited time and so if using these older forms, customers should continue to use the workaround outlined above.

The new FP10 can be viewed in the link below – box ‘U’ is the new UC option: https://media.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/resources/sample-image-new-fp10-paper-prescription-form

*For more information on the qualifying criteria for those claiming UC, click on the link here: https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/uc.

In brief: entitlement to free NHS prescriptions when claiming UC depends on earnings received in the most recent ‘assessment period’, these must be £435 or less (or £935 or less if the UC award includes an additional element for a child or for limited capability for work or limited capability for work and work related activity). If claiming as a couple, the earnings limit applies to the joint earnings of both customers. A UC statement can be shown as proof of entitlement.

For anyone that does not qualify under these criteria, help may still be available via the NHS Low Income Scheme.

For more information on health with health costs go to https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/health/help-with-health-costs/help-with-health-costs/ .