Housing and Homelessness

Lettings Agencies and rogue landlords are the bane of all private sector tenants. Problems abound with unjustifiable fees, charges and rents, poor quality service and, in particular cases, illegal activities. Social landlords also have their weaknesses.

We need evidence to approach individual landlords and statutory authorities with your concerns.

The local council and Trading Standards have statutory responsibilities to investigate and prosecute rogue landlords and lettings agencies not complying with the law. Let us know how well, or badly, they are doing their job?

Homelessness is on the increase but services to support homeless people are not. What is your experience of using Homefinder to get a property and what are your experiences, if any, of the Council’s Homelessness Support Services?

Campaign Questionnaire

Help us understand your experiences of housing and/or homelessness by completing our questionnaire - it won't take too long and we won't ask for any personal data

Get Advice

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