Money, Debt and Financial Exclusion

Do you find it easy to borrow money (too easy perhaps) or do you find yourself unable to access financial products like loans, bank accounts and internet financial services (eg online billing)? Where do you go for financial help when the bank says no?

‘Payday’ lenders and ‘doorstep’ credit are big problems in Coventry because once people are hooked it is difficult to escape them. What are your experiences of these lenders?

Everyone’s last resort is a ‘loan shark’ but it doesn’t stop people using them. Give us the evidence to help the Illegal Money Lending Team investigate them (see below).

Credit Unions are a great alternative to high street (and illegal) lenders but uptake of their services could be higher. Do you have experience of borrowing from local Credit Unions? Timebanks / Time Unions and other bartering organisations offer an alternative way to get goods and services. Have you ever used these services?

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