Family, Health and Community Care

Do you get a good service from your doctor, dentist or local pharmacy? Do they listen to your issues? How hard is it to get an appointment? What is your experience of hospital services?

We know many people are having problems getting good social care support and carers are also struggling. Have you had problems getting a care assessment, agreeing a care package or reviewing that care package? Do you have private carers coming to your house? What problems do you have with them?

School uniform costs, costs of educational and extra-curricular activities, and costs of childcare while at work all add up for families. Let us know how much school and education costs your family, and how difficult it is to get the quality and affordable services you need.

Campaign Questionnaire

Please help us understand problems you are having with getting help with family/education costs and problems with health and community care by completing our questionnaire - it won't take too long and we won't ask for any personal data

Get Advice

If you you want more advice on employment or health and social care issues please either go to the ‘Get Advice’ section of this website or visit